they’re everywhere

Years ago my wife’s Granddad when he returned from a vacation to Europe, told me something I have never forgotten and see repeating in today’s world. He said that no matter where he traveled he always saw packs of Japanese tourists.

Usually they were taking pictures. He pitched the idea that there were so many abroad all the time, because the island of Japan could only hold so many, that the government had groups of them in constant rotation “off the island”. 

My modern equivalent of these packs of peeps, has nothing to do with Japanese people and everything to do with our “over connected world”.

Everywhere I look, all the time I see scores of people who cannot walk, or run, or stroll without their cellphone. 

It’s so unfortunate that people are never with the ones they want to talk with, because they are always on the phone with someone else.  It hasn’t been that long ago, only the important people carried cellphones.

Now, they are everywhere. Much like the tribbles were.

It was a simpler time when we were not all carrying our electronic leashes with us.Maybe the luddite peeps are on to something.

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