A place overflowing with community

I’ve been spending some time in Kansas with my son and family. This morning we went to the Old Overland Park Farmer’s Market, (check out these pics). It was swarming with a sense of community. The constant movement of people, friends greeting friends, lots of laughter, hugs, stories being shared as friends caught up on each other’s lives. It was fun being there.

A lot of local pride was present. Nearly every person selling had a sign up indicating, “produced locally”, “grown locally”, or buy local. Most of the buyers there had cloth bags to carry their purchases; the concept of “glocal” and being green is huge here. An abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, breads and sauces, plus a couple of local coffee shops made for a wonderful morning. A plus was a temperature of 72, and a cloudless sky.

I would love to have a place like this back home.

My big smile of the morning came when I saw someone selling sauces, dips, and stuff. The name of the business was www.imadipstick.com. If that name doesn’t make you smile, your smiler is broke.

Today’s the day, UGA VII makes his debut. Go DAWGS!

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2 thoughts on “A place overflowing with community

  1. Marla Saunders

    I’m smiling! Makes me want to order from them just to reward their creativity.

    The market sounds amazing…as you know, I’m always hunting for places like that. I love finding a unique food, bought from someone who actually cares.

    Any pics?

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