Follow the money…

Deep Throat talking to Bob Woodward in All the President’s Men said, “follow the money”.  He was telling Woodward that the money trail leads to those behind the “deed”.  We hear “follow the money” a lot these days, with all of the financial meltdown that continues to happen in our world.  Who made money on this deal or that deal?  Who took the money and ran?  People that are big money control businesses, communities, organizations, politics and even churches.

Daniel Newman, one of Fast Company’s most creative people has built a web that helps us “follow the money” in politics. His award-winning not-for-profit database cross-references public records, giving everyone instant access to political contributions — what once took investigative reporters weeks or months to uncover is available within an hour of a congressional vote. This site has over 100,000 visitors a month from people who want to know who is influencing our politicians.

You will find this site very easy to use and very informative.  Check it out: http://maplight.org/.

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