God sightings…

Leading into the summer months my wife got very excited about a VBS curriculum entitled Crocodile Dock.  The more she read the more excited she became about how her kids at church would love the Crocodile Dock experience.  Of course I got pulled into her excitement and our journey began.  Late nights and weekends building back drops and sets, recruiting a support team and then the launch.

One part of Crocodile Dock is God Sightings.  The children are encouraged to look throughout the week for times when they see God and report back the following week.  How cool is this!!  After the first week, the kids came in and told how they saw God in their lives since the last meeting.  They were learning how God is so big He is everywhere and is constantly in our lives teaches us all.

We, Kathy and I have started journaling God sightings in our lives over the past week.  It’s easy to be too consumed in man made events and circumstance and move from God.  We are determined to be vigilant and have our God radar up everyday.  Some of our God sightings (blessings) have been: a huge breakthrough in paying for my cardio-rehab sessions that started last Friday, a simple-parking-spot-near-the-door-at-Walmart-on-Saturday,  hugs from my daughter, protection from injury in a car accident, a text message from my son, a turtle creeping across our backyard, many, many, many words of encouragement from friends in difficult days.

I don’t know what the God sighting will be today.  I just know that there will be one.  I know that there will be enough grace to make it through the day.

How about you.  Can you slow down enough to see God working in your life? Share some of your sightings with others.

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