Money changes everything

Next time you’re in an airport security line think about this: everything is for sale.  For $200 you can buy a CLEAR card that gets you through airport security in less than four minutes,


in major U.S. airports.  What about a card that gets you automatic green lights as your drive, interested?  Disney knows you want to move to the head of the line.  Think about how hot you get in their very long lines without a FastPass to the front.


Rhonda and Travis have this one wired.  How about a bump to the front of the DMV line? Sweet. My favorite would be the magic card that allows you to use the ten items or less lane at Publix regardless of how much you’re buying?

What would be your choice for “movin on up”?

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One thought on “Money changes everything

  1. Eric

    hey dad, i was catching up on your blog and came across your 10/11 post. it is crazy how no matter who goes to disney the one thing they are always amazed with is the lines. in fact on 10/12 Tim Howey the minister at our church actually preached on “Choosing to Wait” where he references his recent vacation to the lovely land of the line and the latest a greatest irritation…the fast pass…check out the podcast if you have some free time
    topic “choices”…week 5….

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