It took four trips and 117 days of playing “Survivor,” but “Boston Rob” finally outplayed, outwitted and outlasted everyone, and in the show that aired Sunday night, he was crowned the winner of “Survivor: Redemption Island.”

I love Survivor, and am a huge

“Boston Rob” fan, so it was a very good ending for me.  Survivor speaks volumes about how groups of people build community with each other, and selectively isolate others.  It is an up close and personal look at how important relationships are in our lives.

I thought every week Rob brought his “A game”.  Some weeks it was “outwit”, some weeks it was “outplay” and at the end it was “outlast” for Rob.  In a brilliant strategic move, he pulled off sending Matt back to Redemption Island, helping make him the ultimate sole survivor.

Jeff Probst, host of the show, said Rob played as close to a perfect game as anyone in the entire 22 seasons of the series, a supreme compliment.

I know he probably won’t be back, so he’ll be missed by Survivor fans everywhere, and he has raised the bar to an all time new height.


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