Words and appearances

Week One of Survivor is behind us and this new community of Jalapao and Timbira tribe members have already shown us a couple of things that are important in building relationships and creating community.

Words are important – As the game began, Jeff Probst told the tribe members that “one person from each tribe is not going to make this journey,” and the tribes assumed their vote meant they were sending someone home. Instead, the two losers, Sandy and Sierra, got a helicopter ride to camp, while the rest walked for four hours through the desert in 110-degree heat. It pays to listen!  Communication is so important in building relationships and creating community.  Choose your words carefully, and listen carefully when people are speaking.

Appearances can be deceiving – Sandy and Sierra both get “voted off a four hour walk in 110 degree heat” because of their appearance.  Sandy gets thrown away because she is the oldest and looks it.  She must be weak and not an asset.  Sierra gets tossed because she has been quite on the truck ride out.  It turns out Sierra had been quiet because of a sore throat. At the first challenge these two, Sandy & Sierra were leaders in the competition and regained respect from their respective tribes because of their contribution.  Outward appearances can be deceiving.  Those that “appear” to be not as good or not as sociable can many times be leaders and assets to our community.  We have to be willing to spend time with people before we can know them.

Carolina Eastwood was voted off last night.


Her tribemates didn’t appreciate her telling them to clean up the outdoors.  She hadn’t spent enough time with her community to be able to give them direction.  Are you spending time with your community? Are you trying to give direction to your community without having the time equity needed to have influence?

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