Season Starts, here we go

“The good news? Jacksonville was 4-4 to end 2013. The bad news? The Jags didn’t win a game until Week 10 and were outscored
by a league-most 202 points last year.” John Clayton

The best news? Jacksonville Coach Gus Bradley is smart enough not to start Blake Bortles week one!

Passing, advantage Eagles,
Rushing, advantage Eagles,
Redzone Efficiency, advantage Eagles

Do yourself a favor and watch Madden Matchup Simulation; it will be much more entertaining:
“There are few games that could be considered locks this week, but gamblers want to play it safe to start the season until they can fully assess each team in game action. Those looking to make a wager should be going all-in on the Philadelphia Eagles over the Jacksonville Jaguars.” ESPN’s Donald Wood

Jags off to an “0” familiar start!

0 and 1

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