I’ve been Jonesing and didn’t even know it. Maybe you have too. Let’s get it in front of all of us so we can have an understanding of what Jonesing.

Although the first use of Jonesing is associated with a “drug desire” or craving, desire for drug(s), today it has transistioned  to mean a “strong desire or craving for something specific”, not just a drug .

It could be that you are “jonesing” for some Georgia football, or “jonesing” for great seafood, or “jonesing” for a return to a pre-covid world.

So get ready for my “jonesing“.

Be it sports, food, politics, worldviews, family or whatever, I’m going to be sharing my journey of “jonesing‘.

You can get here thru Jims-jonesing.com or iJimWalker.com.

Feel free to share with others, this is going to be fun.


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