Be A Pirate

Last week I posted this picture on Facebook and got a lot of responses.



I’d like to expand what I started there with these thoughts, AARGH:

When you think of pirates, think of a passionate people with a sense of purpose,  people who cause positive events or changes, people who are maximizers of potential and opportunities. Pirates are captains of their ship, taking responsibility for their own lives. Pirates take action & set sail, navigating towards their dreams. Pirates are optimistic. Pirates often have magnetic personalities, they make you feel that you are great and may even inspire you to even greater levels of greatness. Pirates are motivators & gateways on the path of life. Pirates are passionate & enthusiastic. Pirates exhibit signs of free & independent thinking. Pirates are capable of making bold & brave decisions and calculated risks. Pirates are not afraid of making mistakes, because they view mistakes as learning opportunities. Pirates are compassionate & avoid value judgements. People are neither purely “good” or “bad”, they simply make wise or unwise decisions. Pirates tend to see opportunities everywhere, even, and especially, in times of crisis. Pirates strive for excellence & consistency, not perfection. Pirates resolve to do what is hard & necessary not what is quick & easy.

Pirates are explorers & adventurers not worrying about stormy seas, because they know, “Smooth seas do not make skilled sailors.” — African Proverb. 

They know that “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.“ — William Shedd

Pirates are not afraid to sail into the unknown, because they understand — “One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore.” — Andre Gide

How about you?  Are YOU a pirate? Do you have pirate traits?

Today I challenge you to start looking at life through the eyes of a pirate.

See what a difference it can make.

And don’t forget:



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