Being more productive

I’ve read many articles on being more productive and they usually talk about the sane things.  Here is a short list of six things we can all do to become more productive that come out of many readings:

1.    Just say No. Say no without making people hate you. Let people do their own homework.

2. Be imperfect. Sometimes being imperfect is more effective than getting everything right, or trying to be all things to all people. We are our own worst critic.

3. Eliminate. Cut out just as much as you add.

4. Work backwards. Decide the outcome of your actions, then you can see what things are important and what are unimportant.

5. The best way is the easiest way. The best way to do something is the quickest, easiest option, not necessarily the ‘right’ and proper way. See Occman’s Razor posting.

6. Ditch temptations. Break bad habits by making it harder to practice them.

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