Being the first born

Being the first child in a family has many advantages and disadvantages. First some of the disadvantages: your parents are: learning how to take care of a baby, learning how to be a parent, over protect you with tougher house rules, expect you to be perfect, later in life they look to you to take care of them and their stuff, they make excuses for your siblings, they ease the house rules and let those that come behind you get away with murder (to name a few). How about the advantages: you’re smarter, it’s easier for you to become president, you’re a leader, you can smash things on your brother’s head, you can still make your brothers flinch, you are always in charge of your brothers, and you hold a special place in your grandparent’s heart.

Those people that do all those studies, recently completed one that proves as a first born, I rock. I already knew I rocked, and my brothers roll, but now scientists have proven it. Why do first born’s rock and the others not? Because our parents spend much more time with their first-borns. Duh! How much more time? 25 minutes per day from their Mom, and 20 minutes per day from their Dad. This adds up to thousands of hours. I don’t know how much money the study cost, but all they had to do was look at any family photo album, and they would find more pictures of the first born through the first 2 years of their life than they would of any other children in the family through high school graduation.

First borns, you rock.

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