Eleven Trends for 2011 in Churches

Will Mancini has identified Eleven Trends for 2011 in churches. He starts out by saying that small, social, and tech-savvy churches will be gaining momentum in the year ahead,(sorry big dogs). Will makes his living consulting at churches across the country, including some in Jacksonville and many in Florida. Here is a bullet list of his trends with a link to his blog where he talks about each of them. It’s going to be a fun year for leaders who can grasp these trends and leverage them within their ministry contexts.

1. Increasing diversity of opinion about what good vision and strategy look like.
2. Articulating the biggest picture will be the leader’s greatest asset.
3. Social media will open new possibilities for more churches.
4. Visioning and spiritual formation will emerge more visibly as disciplines.
5. Small will continue to be the new big.
6. Networks will become the new denominations.
7. Leaders will pay more attention to shorter time horizons.
8. The intersection of personal and organizational vision will be magnified.
9. Visioning will involve making meaning rather than predicting the future.
10. External focus and biblical justice will stay prominent.
11. Churches will consult for vision clarity rather than for capital campaigns.

Click [Will Mancini] to read the detail information behind these trends.

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