Everybody needs one of these..


Do you have one of these:



Maybe you’re not sure what it is.  Does this look more familiar?


These are both pictures of generators.  Everybody in Florida wants one of these during hurricane season  because they can save your refrigerator  goods and help make life a lot cooler and get you past those electrical outages.

What I want to know is, do you have a generator in your life?  A generator, a friend that puts energy back into your life.  Someone that helps you weather the storms of life that can be dark, desperate, deep with despair.  Someone that can help you keep going or get started again.  Someone that isn’t only a 2 a.m. phone call person, but someone who calls you.

I have one of these generators in my life.  And when things are the darkest, he calls.  We get together. We have coffee. We talk. We laugh.  We cry.  We give each other advice.  We pray.  A true friend.

Do you have a generator?

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