Get out of the rocking chair


When is the last time you did something for the first time?  What a great question. Many of us decide not to try anything new when we reach a certain age.  For some its 60, some its 50, and others it might be 40 or some other magical “age number”.  I’m not that way.  I’ve always be challenged to try something.  In the ever changing world of technology I’ve always loved to try something new.  I’m an early adapter.  I’m not a rocking chairWhat a great question..  I’m a ziplining, come on boys (my grands, and now I have a granddaughter, but that is another post), lets go do this, or lets play that, or let me see if I can help you kind of person, and so is my wife.  Life is filled with fun because we like to hang out with and do things with people much younger than we are.

Unfortunately I see the desire to not do something new in the church often associated with age too.  But here is when it gets interesting.  Many times it is the spiritual age, not the chronical age of people that makes them not want to try something new.  For many people their spiritual age causes them to be “me-centric” and won’t allow them to consider something new, that is “God-centric”.

Really people… get out of the rocking chair, get in the game. Help make your church be a living organism that is impacting our world for the kingdom.  And if you do have to stay in that rocking chair, do it silently.

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