It's going to take us all

Pat MacMillian starts off The Performance Factor with this introduction: “In a world of change, organizations will need to engender levels of leadership and cooperation from their workforces seldom experienced in industry. Only by releasing leadership at every level in the organization and fostering the development of high performance work teams can organizations create the “empowered-involvement” necessary to achieve the quality, service, and value required to succeed, if not merely survive, in this world of tough, unrelenting global competition. Those organizations that can blend the power of team and leadership will experience exceptional results in a world that will allow nothing less.”

While MacMillian has written The Performance Factor for businesses, the application of his premise is appropriate for churches and other volunteer manned not-for-profits. The difficulty of achieving this level of success in the non-profit world of volunteer staffed organizations is increased because volunteers, volunteer their time, energy and resources. But, the results that come when volunteers are empowered and involved at every level is incredible. The difference between an OK experience and a WOW experience, separate plateaued churches and organizations, from those that are impacting the kingdom.

Which do you want to be a part of?

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