It's not always rocket science

Have you ever been presented with a problem, thought of a solution, then worked, worked and re-worked on a bigger-better-slicker-enhanced solution, only to discover later that your first solution was just as good and maybe even better than the one that took days to come up with and implement?

The process of going with the simple, not over-engineering everything certainly pushes against NASA, where every system is built with backup redundancy, to cover the remotest chance of blah-blah-blah occurring.

There is a scientific community teaching that embraces using the simplest solution, the obvious solution called Occam’s razor. For those who would like to read more on Occam’s razor you can either use Google or click <here> which ever is the simpler solution. So even scientists agree, there is a place for the simple, easy, first solution to many problems.

What’s the take-a-way from this post? If a simple solution works, solving the problem for now the near future go with it.

Spend the time you saved not over engineering the process, with the people.

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