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Back on May 3rd I posted about Twitter and wondered if anyone had ideas regarding church applications for Twitter.  Here is a link to an article in Time that discusses how some churches are using Twitter.


One of the churches in the Time’s article is Westwinds Community Church.  I’ve been to Westwinds Community Church in Jackson, MI and it has a history of being on the edge of innovation.  Church and Twitter is subject of discussion without a common conclusion. Check out this article and this one.

I personally don’t think most pastors are ready for attenders of their services to have their heads down (except during prayers) while they teach.  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “More on Twitter

  1. Justin

    You know, I am all about utilizing technology, but I don’t really see the point in this one. I guess it might keep some people awake that would otherwise be nodding off though!

  2. Rita

    Not sure if I see a purpose that would work with our church. I am up on most new tech. but this forum might be to much for some people

  3. Jim

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out in churches. Is it a passing fascination, or is it another pipeline of communication like: Connect Card, website, e-mail blast, phone tree, snail mail.

  4. Kyle Peterson

    Tweeting is the same thing as texting and I don’t think people should be texting during church. Their mind is focused elsewhere as they’re trying to communicate with someone else. I think it’s rude too for people to have their heads looking down while the pastor is trying to communicate something to them. I’ve heard musicians complain about this as well when it comes to concerts. They’re on stage performing and they see a lot of people looking down texting messages probably like “At the concert, it’s awesome!” when they should really just be focusing on the concert at that moment and enjoying what they went there to see.

    I always find myself realizing deep truths and personal applications for sermons when I’ve been sitting still and focusing on the sermon over an extended period of time, listening to all the verses and points the pastor has about them.

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