Today I read a document by Will Mancini that does high level walk through of Church Unique.  Every page had a “take away”; I was destroying a highlighter as I read..  Mancini in a concise manner presented more information about visioning than 90% of churches have never thought about.

I was fortunate to be a part of a group that spent six months going through his visioning process.  It was a tedious process that I am still learning from.  His group, Auxano is in front of the pack when it comes to helping you dissect and reassemble your church or business’s vision.

In one section he speaks to saying “positive no’s” and how saying them can bring people aboard.  He then moves right into describing the people in your church (or organization).  When I read his description I knew how accurate he was. I could see people who fit each of the groups he described.

He says there are four kinds of people in your church when it comes to vision.

Passengers, who you need to nurture and challenge.

Crew members, who you have t equip and empower.

Stowaways, who you have to find and convert.

Pirates, you confront and eliminate.

Take a few minutes and reflect on your church members.  When it comes to vision which of these do you have?  Think about how important it is to know what role each person is currently in, so you can then know how you should be inter-acting with them.


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