We had a great discussion this past week in my reading group (currently working through Velvet Elvis), regarding each person having a Sabbath.  Most indicated they have trouble staking out a day long Sabbath time.  Many shared different expressions of having a Sabbath.  Here is a post from our Velvet Elvis blog that unpacks Sabbath.

For some people, Sabbath, might mean getting rid of their cell phone and spending time alone or just with family.  For others, it means getting together with close friends.  Each of us have activities that get our adrenaline pumping and others that help us relax.  Sabbath is a time to put aside the former and take up the latter, while giving thanks to God for all.  While it may seem ‘unproductive’ to give things up for a day of rest, the world will go on without us and will be better for it.

How about you?  Do you have a Sabbath?

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