so we’re adding to the dictionary

Some of these have been around for a while, but I guess they weren’t legit.

So look out “scrabble” here they come:

The Oxford English Dictionary Is Adding:

1. Fuhgeddaboudit – Like how Tony Soprano would say “forget about it.”

2. ‘Merica – Meaning America without the “A” at the beginning.

3. Bracketology – Which you hear a lot during March Madness.

4. Clickbait and clicktivism – When you support a cause online, but don’t actually go out and DO any

5. Moobs – Short for ‘man boobs.’

6. Non-apology – When you act like you’re apologizing, but don’t actually say you’re sorry.

7. Swirlie. When you dunk someone’s head in a toilet and flush it. Which seems like it could have been added 50 years ago.

8. YOLO – Which stands for “you only live once.”

9. Squee – It’s Internet slang for when something’s cute. They traced it back to an online discussion about Ewoks from 1998.

10. Kegerator – A refrigerator with a tap on the front, and a keg of beer inside. This one took WAY too long!

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