Caffeinated Nation

The numbers are in and the USA is the most caffeinated nation, and it’s not. While we have more Starbucks than any other country, over 11,000, and consume more coffee than any other country, we aren’t even in the top ten of consumption per capita! Really? Americans consume 105.9 liters of coffee per capita, ranking sixteenth worldwide.


It’s hard to believe that fifteen countries drink more coffee per capita that we do, but it’s true.  Even the tea drinking Brits out coffee us, consuming 134.7 liters per capita. What country takes the gold? Finland with 608.2 liters per capita followed by Norway with 322.6 liters, then Denmark with 180.6 liters.  I see a pattern here. Countries with those very cold winters and long dark nights keep saying  pass me the coffee.  Historically the very cold countries have had the biggest coffee addiction, but that is changing.  Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer is on track to pass the USA as the largest consumer of coffee.  They are even serving cafe com leite – coffee with milk – in school meals for kids 5 and up. Wow.  “Could I have a decaf with my mac and cheese?”

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