people mover

Once again we’re having a public conversation about the People Mover.  People Mover is a bad name since no people  get moved by “the elevated skyway express” except during One Spark, Ga-FL weekend and Gator Bowl game day.

Some people say shut it down because you can’t even buy parts for the cars.

Some people say expand it and convert over to the new mini-three-people cars.

If we shut it down we have to pay millions back to the feds.

If we expand it, we have to pay millions for expansion.

Hard choices.

people mover

I like the idea of converting it to an elevated green space, used for walkers, joggers and bikers, an elevated rails-to-trails.  Other places have down similar conversions and they have been successful.

But, others have run successful elevated light rail systems too.

I’d like to see what all the numbers are on these choices.

What do you think?

Expand, shut down, green space?

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