flip phones rock

Flip phones rock! We all had them.

Clipped to our belts. Replacement for our beepers.


Not a smart phone. A dumb phone.

Without internet issues. 

There’s a wave of peeps out there that are upgrading their lives by down-grading, (to many people a down grade), their phones to flip phones. And guess what, they are uniting under the banner of being a luddite. What the heck is a luddite.

Luddite- a member of any of the bands of  English workers who destroyed  machinery, especially in  cotton and woolen mills, that they believed was threatening there jobs (1811-1816).

  • a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology

So, no more unlimited data, no more games.

Just calls, and texts. 

I guess the upside is, more “real face time”, and no more “facetime”.

Let me know when you make the move to a beeper, rotary dial land line, and dial-in internet access.

Not happening here.


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