on the road again

Zelda is coming sooooooooooon. Zelda is our vintage camper that we have been waiting on for over a year.

She is a 1961 Zipper and has been under going a complete re-do. You know, the usual type of things us vintage peeps have re-done. Inside she is being arranged to our specs, with our wants, needs and desires. And, being from Florida, we had to have a “kick butt” air conditioner.

Before you ask, yes the campgrounds near Athens that smell of tailgating, and have the sounds of, “go you hairy dawgs”, will host Zelda in the fall.

We’re excited and plan on sharing our adventures with you. 

Here is what she’s going to look like, almost.

Almost a Zipper and almost our Zelda.

As soon as we have real pics, we’ll bury you with them.



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