i love my kindle

i love my kindle. My kindles makes reading so easy.  One small device about the size of a paperback book and you have the ability to have thousands of books with you.

Kindle books you buy are cheaper than hard back books and there are hundreds  of free and very inexpensive books.

With my kindle white paper, I can read in a dark room or on the beach and the quality of the print is always the same, perfect.


If you want to test drive a book, many times you can download the first few chapters to see if you want to keep reading.

You can also borrow books from friends with your kindle and you always get your book back.

You can highlight passages and share them on social media or you can cut and paste into any kind of document.

Prices for kindles are great.  You can get one from under $65.  They work with children and senior adults.  You can adjust the font size to accomodate vision needs, it has a built in dictionary to explain words and you can limit content access.

My wife is a prolific reader and did not want a kindle.  I got her one anyway and she LOVES it.  She reads even more and would never go back to hard copies of books.

OK, commercial over. Go get one!

You’ll be glad you did.

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