My Rules

We each have them, “rules of play”.  Those guardrails that keep us on the road. Some of us may have them written down, most don’t. We may have different names for our “rules of play”, but they all are meant to do the same thing.  They have shaped our direction as we journey through life.  Some are huge, many are small, but they are all “shape-ers”, they all have a story behind them. Some of the stories are serious, some are reflective, some are funny, some are embarrassing, some remind us of sad times in life.

Here are my “rules of play”.  They are in no particular order. Some come from fresh moments in my life, some are from cobweb moments.  It is  an incomplete list as I am still on life’s journey. As I learn life lessons, some rules will be added, some refined, others combined or dropped.  I hope my list will cause you to reflect on what your rules are written or unwritten.

It’s the little “got-ya’s” that get you.

Laugh often, laugh loud.

Never stop networking.

Marry your best friend.

Always mentor.

Say yes to coffee.

Be a life long learner.

Go through life with someone whose hand you like to hold.

Laugh; often and loud.

Keep your home a safe place.

Say “yes dear” with a smile, and mean it.

Sometimes you have to just walk away.

Encourage (support) your children & grandchildren.

Keep your resume updated.

Live in the moment.

Be a friend.