Feeding hungry kids

I’m trying to figure out how “we” can feed some hungry kids in Jacksonville.  These kids are on either free or reduced meals at school, and they get hungry over the weekend.  There are a lot of them.  What if we could give them a backpack with food in it every Friday, that they return on Monday and we refill.  Got the idea?


Do you have ideas, connections with people that can make donations of money, backpacks, food, time, facilities?  How about you?  Did you and your kids have enough to eat this weekend?  Many of you are probably as plump as I am.  Let me hear from you.

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3 thoughts on “Feeding hungry kids

  1. Kara

    Jim, our church has partnered with Harvesters to make this happen. We volunteer with about 15 others to clean, pack & deliver about 100 backpacks to a local elementary school each wk.

  2. Ruth

    The church where Abby goes to preschool, made it a project to send school kids home with two weeks of food at Christmas. (Not the preschool kids, kids on free and reduced lunch.) They were able to assist 50 kids in their community. That’s m…issions!

    Contact ele schools in your area and the food banks, too. Check thrift stores for backpacks. This is a good time to find them on sale in stores, too. I hope you will make a difference in your church community.

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