They're playing my song

I’ve started noticing the background music playing in stores that I shop.  Being a guy, I’m usually with the primary shopper of my home, so I have idol time wandering around while the shopping gets done. I catch myself humming or singing along, and many times I love the tunes. Obviously in my case, the market researchers have done a great job, and are playing music to my demographic.  The music helps make my “shopping experience” enjoyable.

How about you?  Do you find yourself singing to background music in stores?  Does it make you nervous that market research can figure out who their primary customers are to such a level, that they can customize their background music to make the time you spend in their store a better experience?

What if you hate the background music.  Does it make you shop fast and get out, or not shop and leave?  Do you exclude shopping from a business because of their music? What if you don’t know the words to the songs.  Does this make you uncomfortable? Does the music trump the other aspects of your shopping experience?

Now.  Answer these same questions as it relates to your Sunday morning experience at church.

Things that make you go humm.

One thought on “They're playing my song

  1. Donna

    Background music is a big deal to me. I have always loved the oldies, as you know, music that remeinds me of some of the most fun times in my life. We go on a golf trip to St Simons every year and I love that the stores play what i call “Georgia” music- mostly motown or beach music from the 60’s= my college years in georgia. Our 5 Guys up here on Hodges used to play that type of music and the other day when we were there the music was so abrasive we did not enjoy our meal. Music in the background really has an affect on the entire experience whther shopping, eating or at church.
    Enjoy your Blogs. GO DAWGS!!

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