It’s all downhill from here

A recent study of U.S. obesity predicts a 100% fat population by 2048.

I guess it’s time to forget my constant starting, stopping and re-starting my Weight Watcher’s diet.

The good news is, the math used in the study is suspect. The study took only three data point spread over three decades to estimate a linear trend, drawing a line into the future that shows 86.3% of Americans obese by 2030 (compared with other studies that show a 66.3% obese rate), and moving to 100% by 2048. If we used the same methodology to predict telephone landline usage, by 2048 13 out of every 10 homes won’t have landlines. The math just doesn’t add up.

I’m so confused, I think it’s time for a Carmel Frappuccino.

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