July 4th in Florida

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  Living in Florida I celebrated at the beach like a lot of other people; shame on me.  Back on March 30th I posted about the scary people I saw at the beach.  Guess what, they’re still going to the beach!  For the most part, they are still snow white, although a lot have graffiti, they are still large, and they still wear swim suits that are way too small.

I think it is only a matter of time before a lot of “them” start buying the Speedo LZR Racer suit.  The LZR (pronounced lazer) is the suit that is helping swimmers set records in most events at the Olympic trials.  The suit does it’s magic by reshaping a swimmers body in “drag areas” of your body, buttocks, breasts and upper thigh, by inserting on the suit, slippery, polyurethane panels that “compress and reshape” those body parts. These panels compress the body with 70 times more force than nylon.

Don’t misunderstand why “they” will be buying the LZR.  It’s not because of the re-shaping, it’s because the LZR will be the hot suit to buy, and they know they are hot.

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