Maybe being stoopid is relative

I feel better today knowing we’re not all getting more stoopid. I heard today about the Space Elevator Conference that is exploring ways to revolutionize space travel. People have talked about a space elevator since 1895,


and word among the very smart (not stoopid) people is that it’s doable with enough money. If we can get one to work, it’d cost $100 or less per pound to carry things into space, compared with current costs of $2,000 to $60,000 a pound! Of course not all the very smart people agree that it will happen, but they can conceptualize how it would-could work. I get it a little, but am stretched to think it’ll ever happen. Where would we get enough elevator music to play on an elevator trip to outer space? Would people overload a space elevator like they do elevators in buildings? Could the space elevator get stuck between floors? Would Otis service a space elevator?

I guess how smart you are shapes your questions, and your answers. My questions aren’t being asked at the Space Elevator Conference. The conference is dealing with the hard questions. My questions don’t need answering until they get their answers.

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