Maybe the stars are causing it…

This past week there was an unusual heavenly alignment of moon and planets. Venus and Jupiter appeared very close in the sky on December 1st, forming an upside-down frown, with a crescent moon as the mouth. This alignment won’t happen again until 2013.

Everyone knows how unusual alignments cause wierd things to occur down here on earth.

Here are a few things that this alignment may have caused to appear in the media:

1. Goofiest – hot gift for Christmas, the Snuggie, www.getsnuggie.com – if you get more than one of these for Christmas, you’ve got a problem – if you get one from a friend(?) your friend has a problem.

2. Stupid – A nutritionist for the Washington Redskins  made this recommendation for watching your weight during this time of the year: “avoid eating butter- and creamed- mashed potatoes and fried anything”, keep a food log for use in next year’s food planning.  – duh

3. Creative -The English city of Manchester is helping its citizens in their “battle of the bulge” by creating a reward system that works like a retail loyalty card; you swipe your card and get points for buying fruits, vegetables, for using a community pool, attend a medical screening, or work out with a trainer. Points are redeemable for athletic equipment and personal training sessions with local athletes- now this one may be OK; it’ll be a hit if you can get a DQ Blizzard with your points.

4 – No way! – The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld a regulatory ruling requiring airlines to offer a free extra seat to obese people. – look for this one to come to America; I wonder who’s paying for the “free seat” next to the guy that is lapping over the arm rest?, oh yea, we are.

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