I need noise! Not the noise from the car bouncing next to me at a stop light, but the other kind of noise. Last night I was trying to pound on some work at home and it was so quiet, I couldn’t concentrate. My wife was in her sweet spot. She was able to focus on some studying she needed to get done, because it was so quiet. Eventually she went to a quiet space, I turned on some background noise, so I could multi-task and concentrate on the three things I needed to get done.

How many of you guys who thrive on Third Space venues need noise to focus? I think most of us, Third Spacers need noise.

If you have to have quiet, and love Third Spaces, why?

Let me hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Marla Saunders

    I think most of us hanging out in the coffee shop would fall on your side of the noise spectrum! I’ll go you one better: in order to get any serious work done (especially writing) I have to have noise AND solitude. I can’t write when I’m physically near someone I know who will perhaps speak to me. So any time I need to get something done I’m out of the house. Lately I’ve had to categorize my coffee shops, too. I now have “anonymous” ones and ones where I’ve been connecting to the community. Serious work requires the former!

  2. Jim

    I completely understand the noise and solitude combo. I’ve even gone to the solitude location by design and when I left, couldn’t believe that I didn’t have interaction with someone I knew.

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