Part One – Confession…I’m directionally challenged but….

OK, I admit it, I’m directionally challenged. I am a guy, but I will stop and ask for directions. My wife came up with a great gift for me last Christmas, a GPS, specifically a Tom Tom, and I love it. Driving from Kansas to Florida last year was really cool with my TomTom (and my wife). I couldn’t believe how smart the GPS was. One of the cool things about a GPS is you get to select the voice that the Tom Tom uses. I chose a great female voice. All the way from Kansas to Florida, I got to have two women telling when and where to turn, and guess what, they didn’t always agree, but that is a another story.

My wife has a built in GPS (so does my son). They can go somewhere, never returning for 1 – 5 years and can instantly recall streets and turns to make. My daughter and I navigate by making turns at fast food landmarks, and these types of landmarks change over time. If my wife and I are on one of our road trips and ask a local for directions, the locals start giving me (the male) the directions. I, after 37 years of marriage, look at my wife and defer to her wisdom and recall of the instructions. By deferring to her, I cannot be blamed for bad turns (wrong). At least now, I can bring the Tom Tom into the equation to help me out.

Today I found out a lot of people are directionally challenged, and a lot worse than me. I’ll give you the scope on what I discovered tomorrow.

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