Playing church, being the church, part 2

I received some great feedback on my post of September 2nd, Playing church, being the church.  Most comments were not posted to blog, but were commented on via Facebook, via e-mail, or in person.  Many shared the challenge of being active in a church that says they are or wants to be missional BUT in practice are not. There church ends up doing shout outs to the world saying “yall come, you’ll love it here, look what we do here, we have good things going on here”.

One church has caught the vision of being in community. This Saturday Chet’s Creek Church is having an Impact Jacksonville day. impact_jax

On this day members of Chets will spread out over northeast Florida in twelve teams to help organizations that provide critical services to people in our communities.  From giving hugs to kids, sorting food, yard work, light repairs of facilities, to sharing time and words with battered women, these teams will be sharing the love of Christ as they dissolve and seap into the lives, and hearts of people.  Something that is cool about this effort, is that it is not a one time event, but and effort to bring attention and enlist other believers intothe ongoing ministry partnerships this church has with other groups to impact the kingdom.

So this weekend when you “go to church” ask yourself this question: are we playing church more than being the church?

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