Random thoughts and observations…

1. People that love to fish will go fishing even when the temperature is in the 30’s.
2. You may be the richest woman in America, but you still have to change your eating and exercise habits to lose and keep weight off.
3. Tim Tebow may really be Clark Kent.
4. If your business model is to continue to pay more retirees than you have active employees and let them earn more money as a career retiree versus a career active employee, you have a model for failure.
5. Jay Leno will probably always be on TV
6. Bolles will be in the state football playoffs every year.
7. Gator fans will always be……. well maybe I better hold on this one for another posting.
8. Weight Watchers will always be introducing a new program.
9. Lowest prices of the year for (fill in the blank) occurs right after you make your purchase.
10. Charlie Brown will always be on TV in December.
11. Keep your family close.

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