Thirdspace in Nicaragua

Yes, Nicaragua does have third space venues, but they are definitely not what you find in North America. I went in a cyber-cafe and found a world of old pcs, older monitors (that the owners would beat on the back to keep the picture flickering on for you), temperatures that were in the mid 90’s, no door, and a steady stream of people coming in to get copies made on a fax machine. One of the best things I saw were power strips that were duct taped together then to a metal rack, that were completely loaded up.

While I was dripping in sweat watching the action, I started talking to one of the locals, Pablo Blanco. I asked him if it was always like this, and he said it was a great winter day in Nicaragua. Just another day in paradise.


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    I am glad I did not come across one of those buckets while in Nic. But I do remember the men’s restroom w/o the door and Rick Lucas shouting at a male who shall remain anonymous to “shut the door!” while all the girls covered their eyes.

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