Walking to the corner

Ever wonder why sidewalks go all the way to the corner, then make a 90 degree turn and continue until they get to the next 90 degree turn? When your destination is across a giant open area of grass that is so inviting to “cut across”, why are we forced to go to the corner then hang a left, or right?

Years ago when I was in my last two year of college, the school I went to had unusual sidewalk paths. Rarely were they straight lines, and very rarely did they go to a corner and hang a 90 degree turn.

Some crazy planner decided when the school was built to pour no sidewalks for the first year. After a year of foot traffic, sidewalks were poured where the paths were worn into the grass. Functional sidewalks; taking you where you need to go, rather than forcing you to go out of your way to get to your destinations.

If you are a leader, how do curved sidewalks speak to you? If you currently do not have any leadership roles, would you rather go on a curved sidewalk, or walk to the corner?

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One thought on “Walking to the corner

  1. rayshead

    They were not creative about how to design the sidewalks the concert was to heavy for the horse and buggy. They were waiting for the invention of the cement truck.

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