Who’s number one?

Heard some new numbers this week about coffee sales. It must be the “dog days of summer” when coffee sales are news worthy. (ever wonder where the dog days of summer came from) ?

In 2006, Starbucks was the place where more Americans bought cups of coffee than any other place. Then in 2007, a new number one took over, Dunkin Donuts,


shoving Starbucks to number two. Then, in 2008, Dunkin Donuts was a repeat at number one, but McDonalds


came in at number two pushing Starbucks down to number three. Does anyone see a trend here?

No wonder Starbucks is taking a long hard look at themselves. It’ll be interesting to see how they come out of this time of testing. I think the long term outlook is great with some short term inconveniences.

Maybe the other players (coffee sellers) have shoved them down in sells, but I don’t see a surge in groups of people building community at Dunkin Donuts (except for Cops and Firemen), or other people rushing to McDonalds to surf the net, and talk to a Barrister, who can actually be engaged in a conversation.

Yes the coffee costs more, but it’s all about the presentation, the atmosphere, the community.

Do you want to wipe up Happy Meal residue or listen to McCartney, JT, or Bono?

What do you want, a Walkman or an Ipod?

2 thoughts on “Who’s number one?

  1. Marla Saunders

    I guess I hardly need to weigh in on this issue, do I! It’s ALL about the atmosphere and community. Just today at our Sbux David and I counseled a college kid about plugging back into a church,talked to a teacher in an inner city school about how her kids barely survive, and a poor hectic iPhone wannabe lady who just couldn’t stand in line another minute!

    That said, I come by this trait honestly. My dad was at Dunkin Donuts every day at 3. When he died I had to make the rounds of his favorite spots to let them know!! I wrote about that here.

    Poor Starbucks. Like the church, it is now under attack from every corner….and I think it does a pretty dog gone good job!

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