Evil Spirits catcher

Bottle trees go all the way back to Africa and Egypt.  The story is  that evil spirits come around at night, and then get attracted to the bottles and jump inside them.  When morning comes and the sun is up,

bottle tree
they are trapped inside, so they can’t bother the world of the living.  I spotted this bottle tree over the weekend near Neptune Beach.  It must work because I saw no evil spirits in the neighborhood.

One thought on “Evil Spirits catcher

  1. Kay

    Very nice. LOVE bottle trees; not for the real meaning of the folklore, but for the beauty of the sun shining through all the colorful glass. We are actually making one now. We’ve collected all kinds of colored bottles from here and there to make it interesting! Knew the trivia about Africa which is related to the Gullahs in the low country, but had not researched enough to know about Eygpt.

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