Huge third space

Talk about a third space, if you haven’t poked around on Facebook, you’ve missed a virtual third space that is viral.  Day, night, fast paced, lazy, serious, random, off-the-wall, focused, catching up, venting, it’s all there.  It’s like being in a large room at a party, taking part in a conversation, over hearing three other conversations, looking at pictures someone has brought of family, or just walking through, it’s amazing.

Facebook is a sharing platform.  A way to keep up with friends, family and others in a busy world, but it’s missing something BIG. I can’t smell the coffee, or see the smiles, and hear, “that was sooo good”.

Off to Starbucks.

One thought on “Huge third space

  1. Gennell Peterson

    Great analogy of Facebook. You summed up the whole experience in a few sentences. Thanks for blogging what we feel when we cuhmewnuhcayt in Facebook! ;o)

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