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Ever been to Lego World at Walt Disney Village?  It’s unbelievable.  There are kids everywhere dragging parents along as they build things from piles of legos, and beg parents to buy them another lego “thing”.  There are millions and millions of legos at Lego World.  These kids love to put legos together to make the “thing” on the box, or to make the “thing” that they see in their mind.  They work together, helping each other.

Starting with only pieces, these kids create their “thing” as they connect the pieces together.  Each little piece snapping onto another, interconnecting becoming part of a larger “thing”.  Sharing ideas, excited, laughing and enjoying each other’s company these kids build community, as they build their  “things”.


Tomorrow starts a new year at my church.  We will have a strong emphasis on building community this year.  Community within the walls and community outside the walls.  Building community is all about building relationships.  Bible Study is a great way for people of all ages to learn and develop through relationships.  God wants people to connect with others.  We are going to expect people to connect with members and non-members as they build their “thing”.

We will be looking at our Bible Study groups to see if they are connecting.  Some of the things we will look for are: are people sharing prayer praises and concerns for others, are they talking about how God is working in other people’s lives, are they getting together outside of structured times, are they serving together outside the walls in the community.

We know if someone is in your church for 3 – 6 months and they do not have 2 – 3 relationships they probably won’t be around for long.  A lot of lives depend on the success of our Bible Study legos.

The creator of legos took the first two letters of two Danish words meaning “play well” to come up with the LEGO name.  What he didn’t know was that one meaning of the word LEGO in Latin is “I put together”.  I believe that God wants our Bible Study to function like LEGOS.  Taking all the little pieces, connecting them together to make a bigger “thing”.  Something He will look at and say “I put together”.

Play well friends, someone’s eternity depends on it.

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