They’re still picking on my friend

Multiple airports, people in a hurry, unfamilar city, whenever I needed a caffine fix this past week I was always able to get one at my friend.  So today I’m ticked as I find that they’re still picking on my friend.  Recent information tells us the even marketing executives are falling out of love with Starbucks.  Five years ago 33% of markting executives said they loved Starbucks, today it’s down to 10%.  And the haters are on the increase.  People who hate Starbucks has grown from 5.3% five years ago to 6.5% now.


All I can say is, everyone one of my stops at my friend while on the road were great: great service, great products, and great people.

Keep your chin up friend, I’ve got your back.

One thought on “They’re still picking on my friend

  1. Marla Saunders

    I’m with you on this one! I’ve been trying to write a lot lately about some of the amazing baristas and experiences I’ve had under our favorite gren umbrellas. There is nothing quite like knowing what to expect walking into a coffee shop, and being able to predict a common range of experiences and tastes.

    The Starbucks haters? They remind me of coffee adolescents who think it’s cool to think your parents are very uncool. They just need to grow up!

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