Why change

A couple of weeks ago I had a series of postings about change (see September 16 – 18). I want to add a couple of observations as change relates to churches.

40+ years ago my parents moved to Jacksonville and as a family we joined a church in the community. My family was typical of the 100’s of families that were moving into our community at that time. We were a caucasian family of four, parents were 33 and 35, two preschoolers and two grade schoolers, Dad worked, Mom was a domestic engineer, one car, and of a Christian (Southern Baptist) heritage. We were at home attending and worshipping in a church family that looked just like we did, and supporting the many programs of the church by our attendance at: Sunday morning Worship Service, Sunday School, Sunday night service, Church Training, Wednesday night supper, RA’s, prayer meeting, and choir practice to name a few.

Today the church we joined in the 60’s is all but dead. Through the years the world changed, and around that church the community changed. The church’s philosophy of ministry, style of worship, and general mindset has not. They are in big trouble, with old tired facilities, a greying population with only a few young families. It is sad.

Today I attend another church. A church where the largest group of attenders are adults 32 – 36 with two children (one preschooler, one grade schooler). Sound familiar?

The question in front of me, is will history repeat itself, or am I a part of a church, that realizes the message of God is the same, in the 60’s, now and in the future, but the way to reach an ever changing world is to be flexible in how it is presented to our community.

What kind of a church are you a part of?

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