Across the Pond

Is it possible that Jags win their second game of the year in front of the rapidly growing British Jaguar fan base and could this be a fore shadowing of many more games to be played by the Jags in London?

Absolutely, NOT

The jags have no chance of winning. With 13 interceptions and surrounded by a rookie supporting staff the biggest win Bortles can hope for would be getting back on a plane to Cowford without a concussion.

There is also no way the Jags are contemplating a move to London. Khan has flooded not only the team, but the city of Jacksonville with millions. Will there be a team in London soon? Yes; but it is much more likely that the Rams, Bolts, or Raiders are re-locating.

With or without Romo, America’s Team shuts down Denard Robinson (the only glimmer of Teal hope) and boys take the long trip home with another L.

Jags 9 Cowboys 27

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