Dirty Jobs

Have you ever watched Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel?  If you haven’t, you’ve missed out.  This is a great guy’s show (and it’s on the Discovery Channel).  It is (usually) a show that is good for the entire family to watch and is very educational.  Each episode centers on Mike Rowe.  Mike is a guy who hangs out with people who have really dirty jobs and helps them do their job for a day.


Mike does stuff for a day that you really don’t want to be a part of. Over the years he has accumulated a list  of “Seven Dirty Habits” from his experiences with people that do, “dirty jobs” everyday.

Here is his list:

1. Never follow your passion, but by all means bring it with you.

2. Beware of teamwork.

3. Vomit proudly and whenever necessary.

4. Be careful, but don’t be fooled – safety is never first.

5. Think about what you are doing – never how.

6. Ignore advice such as “Work smart, not hard.”  It’s dangerous – and moronic.

7. Consider quitting.

If you think you’re in a bad job, don’t despair, watch “Dirty Jobs” and you’ll be thankful for what you do, and that there are people who do dirty jobs for us.

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