I love Jesus Christ …

coachmark“I love Jesus Christ and want everyone to know Him as Lord and Savior”.  Those were the opening words from the keynote speaker at an event I attended this past week.  It was what you would expect from someone “in the business”, but it was not typical from someone in a sports profession; should it be?

Monday I attended an FCA event and the featured speaker was Mark Richt, head football coach at the University of Georgia; he was the one I quoted.  Coach is incredible.  I had the privelige of being with him for 30 minutes in the green room before he spoke to the crowd and I was blown away by the character and deamon of the man.  He is someone whose faith is completely woven through his life.


Coach truely is more concerned about his influence on the eternal destiny of those he meets, and those he coaches more than football and wins,  He is a believer first, a husband and dad second and a football coach third.

All Believers should share their faith, by their walk, and their talk.  I pray that I will be as strong in my faith presentation as he is.

Go God!, Go Dawgs.

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