It All Starts With A Question

By Mark Ashton, Lead Pastor of Christ’s Community Church in Omaha, Nebraska

When Jesus went about inviting people into the Kingdom of God, what tools did He use? Did he hand out cartoon-laden papyrus tracts? Did He draw a diagram of a bridge in the sand? Did He hold an altar call and ask people to recite a prayer of salvation? Did He share a pre-packaged 2-minute testimony?

Jesus used none of these techniques. Instead, Jesus hung out at parties, went to the marketplace, walked from town to town, and as He did so, He asked a ton of questions. More than sermons, more than miracles, more than clever tricks, Jesus used questions to reach out to people around Him. When He wanted to start spiritual conversations, He asked questions. When He wanted to make a major point, He punctuated it with a question. When He knew he was the target of a trap, He turned the conversation on its head with a question.

The question is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to sharing our faith with others. Here’s why:

Questions help to steer and control the conversation.

Questions make people think-to reevaluate their positions, beliefs and values.

Questions show interest and make people feel known and valued.

Questions are a tactful way to confront a person’s poor thinking.

Questions allow people to share information about themselves, and then open their hearts to learn more about someone or something else.

Questions invite a decision.

Are you asking the right questions? Are you allowing others to ask questions of you?

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