Marketing genius

Buzz, that’s what marketing Gurus try to generate.  Create conversation and excitement about their product-event. They want to have everyone talking about “IT”.  The Focus on the Family marketing folks pulled off what I think is the biggest win of 2010.  Everybody has been talking about “their ad” that is airing during the Super Bowl.  The most watched TV show of the year.  The show that charges more for its commercials than anyone else.  The show that creates all the buzz with its over-the-top commercials.

Everyone had an opinion.  News stories. People on the left, people on the right.  People in the middle. People who didn’t care. People who don’t like football. Gator Nation lovers.  Gator Haters. They were all buzzing.


Then the commercial aired.  That’s it?  Did I miss something? Are they going to show more later?  Nope, that its.

Now the day after, there is more buzz.  It was too soft.  It shows Focus on the Family is slipping. It shows how sneaking “they are” trying to get people to their website. Blaa, blaa, blaa….

Great job marketing guys. To use another sports metaphor, I think you hit a home run.

2 thoughts on “Marketing genius

  1. Brandi

    Totally agree. How many people are going to go to the website and see the REAL ad, just because of the buz? Some pretty smart cookies at Focus on the Family!

  2. Travis

    Great Marketing plan, not only did it direct people to their Website. It also cause the opposition the use their funds on an unsuccessful attempt to block the Super Bowl ad. LOVE IT!!!!!!

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